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What is Yoga?

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” 


Hermes Trismegistus

What is Yoga?

The word yoga comes from the root word in Sanskrit: jugit, which means “to unite”. The word union implies a relationship between two or more things; to a yogi this is the union of the soul and being; the seen and unseen; the relationship between the play of the manifested Universe (Prakruti) and the seed potential of the Cosmos (Purusha).


The action, direction, plan, way and stages to get to this union and the play of this interaction, is what outlines, shapes and determines the Yogic practice. 


If you look around in Nature you will clearly see that the Universe is in a constant creative process. At the same time it looks for balance and it is extremely dependable on and connected with all that is created. 

This creative process can be described as a Consciousness that wants to be awaken and wants to be manifested in many forms and dimensions.


This creative potential is innate to every human being. Like the Universe, we have eager to find balance and union, we are also dependable on everything that is around us. However, due subconscious conditioning and life experiences based on survival, fear, lack of love and compassion we forget that we are the Universe and at the same time part of it.


The Ego finds himself separated from all this, bringing unhappiness, a constant search for fulfilment and a sense of not being quite right even though you may have everything.

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How yoga can help you?

Yoga brings a natural sense of tranquility and balance. The yogis observed a subtle energy in all things and how different activities and attitudes could transform the balance of these subtle energies.


Yogis, through empirical observations, discovered various techniques which benefit not only the health and wellbeing, but it empowers you to be you, and this is the start point of merging with the power of creative consciousness. 


The importance of this union and awareness of being one with all, is beyond description and can only be experienced. The results however, can be described as having the power to transform your surroundings by creating a consciously balanced reality.

How Kundalini Yoga differ from other types of Yoga?

There are about 22 different schools of yoga and each emphasises in some aspects (eg; Hatha Yoga focus on dynamics of the body; Laya/

Mantra Yoga on the use of Sounds, Raja Yoga on the facets of the mind, Yantra Yoga on the use of visual forms).


Kundalini Yoga is, however, considered the 

mother of all types of yoga because it is complete.


It uses all facets of the Yogic Sciences in 

different proportions, working primarily with your innate energy, the nervous and endocrine systems.


It also uses the angles and triangles of the body, and the vibration of sound to awaken your inner strength, intuition and above all, to give you energy to remain calm, clear, centred, graceful and flexible through life's challenges, changes and complexes situations.

The Vitruvian Man