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Special Treatments

This therapy uses wet hot and cold towels with  herbal water to improve general wellbeing. It enhances the immune response, improves over all nutrition, promotes detoxification and helps to restore nervous equilibrium. A minimum of 4 sessions is advised.

The treatment involves rolling the wet hot towel gently over the back. Using herbal and aromatic water specially designed to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. After a firmer massage with heated herbal oil is given to release muscle and deep knots. It is an effective treatment for back pain, sports muscular tension and after long flights.

This specialised and effective treatment aims to detox, revitalise and regenerate using lymphatic pumps with a 15 minutes invigorating heated herbal oil massage followed by a castor oil pack. The treatment finishes with a Naturopathic constitutional hydrotherapy using  medicated herbal water. 

This therapy uses Sea salts blended with essential oils that exfoliates your skin and removes old skin cells. This gentle massage improves your skin tone, circulation, immune system and your vitality.

This signature massage is a fusion of Aromatherapy, hot-stones and herbal oil combined with exquisite massage techniques that will remove the deep knots and let you feel relaxed but yet with a boost of energy.

A purifying and toning massage that aids circulation, absorption and elimination.  It starts with lymphatic pumps, abdominal massage using Triphala Ayurvedic herbal powder formulation, followed by Constitutional Hydrotherapy and finishing off with a wonderful massage using heated aromatic herbal oil. This is beneficial for weight loss, cellulitis, stretch marks, bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is highly recommended for mothers after child birth.

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