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Pregnancy Yoga


The Mother's Journey Pregnancy Yoga

Coming soon! Starting June 2020

Use the Button to contact me and register your interest, make questions or to reserve your place.


Classes will be 90 minutes long, a small group maximum 8 students to guarantee you close support and care. It is open to all stages of your pregnancy and adapted according to your needs. You can buy a course of 10 classes or drop in.  

No matter how many children you have, being Pregnant is always a new and exciting journey of self discovery, where beyond all challenges and fears, we find the most beautiful expression of love!

I had the honour to learn this empowering classes with Carolyn Cowan, one of the most inspiring and all inclusive teachers I had. Her teachings are based on Yogi's Bhajan approach to Kundalini Yoga, but it has the uniqueness of Carolyn; her energy, her avant-garde approach and her tremendous courage and power as a woman.


Inspired by her teachings, Yogi's Bhajan's teaching and Guru Dharam's yoga therapy training, I have prepared this classes for you. To support and empower you in your conscious pregnancy journey. To give you tools, experiential Knowledge of how to prepare for this journey from pre-conception to labour and beyond.

The yoga classes contains elements of relationships and conception, birth preparation, partner support, breastfeeding and physiological and anatomical understanding of the changes happening in your body and how to deal with them


Price per drop in class is £​20

Price per 10 classes is £180

I accept card or cash


This is a complete holistic and integrative 12, one to one, yoga classes with a coaching programme done at Neal’s Yard Remedies Covent Garden Therapy Rooms in London- UK or at The Bodywise Studio in Cambridge-UK. 


This unique programme integrates a  specifically designed Yoga classes to address each stage of your pregnancy combined with a customised healthy dietary advices to support your health and baby’s growth, plus additional wellness and self-care techniques based on holistic complementary therapies and inspired by the principles and practices of Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Medicine. 

For more information visit Vita Shakti Women's Health by clicking here