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How Pranayama can increase the benefits of Gong bath?

According to the Vedas Life is dependent on Prana. Prana is life energy. Prana is present in all cells of the body and enters the body through nostrils. 


Pranayama is a breathing technique which brings the life energy in the form of breath. Pranayama is not only good for meditation preparation, but it is also good for the body; it cleanses toxins and causes high oxygenation within the cells, It is a wonderful way to work with the body for healing and purification. 


When we are asleep or in a deep state of meditation or relaxation, our sense organs rest. But Prana/Energy still functioning, it remains alive. The powerful combination of a Pranayama followed by a deep sound healing meditation allows the body to distribute the energy of Prana for healing, regeneration and revitalisation.

Bringing life energy/Prana to support the functions of the nervous system helps us to respond to a variety of complex situations that we encounter in life with grace, clarity, intelligence and sensitivity instead of a compulsive or reactive approach which makes us a slave of a situation. A strong nervous system with a strong Pranic energy brings you mastery, so that our life experiences can be determined by us, not by life circumstances.