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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is a  Natural and Preventive system of medicine that uses physical, psychological, and biochemical therapies to treat the person.


The roots of this holistic and integrative approach to health are based on the healing techniques of Eastern Medical Systems and on the 18th & 19th century Europe. Naturopathic treatments are aimed at stimulating, strengthening, and improving the healing capabilities of the body.

Consultation & Treatment Plan


On the first appointment which normally last 90 minutes a detailed case history is taken including your current health concern, diet, lifestyle, medical history and medication.


It will be followed by physical and non- invasive examinations such as blood pressure readings, breathing patterns, pulse and tongue diagnosis,

urinalysis and postural analysis. You may be referred to get further conventional medical tests such as blood tests and stool tests. 


All diagnostic tools aim to understand better the individual and to put the present complain into context of your health history.

Your Treatment Plan

Treatments follow a Naturopathic therapeutic order, where conditions of health are established and pathology is addressed, removed, or reduced, and self-healing mechanisms are stimulated.

Angela may use the following Treatment's Modalities to help you:

  • Diet & Nutrition: Naturopathic nutrition, detoxification and gut health are key to naturopathic treatments. Your treatment will always involve dietary changes or the use of food as medicine (functional nutrition)

  • Detox therapies: Castor oil packs, enemas, Manual Lymphatic drainage, Constitutional Hydrotherapy and peat-packs.

  • Naturopathic manipulation: such as massage and Integrated Bodywork techniques (Muscle Energy Techniques, postural alignment and breathing retraining)

  • Kneipp Hydrotherapy: using the healing power of water to stimulate circulation, immune function and regain vitality (e.g. constitutional hydrotherapy, hot roll massage, Kneipp affusions, Sitz baths, Kneipp wraps, alternated bath, and body wash).

  • Stress management and Lifestyle advices: meditation, breathing exercises, stress managment techiniques, lifestyle change advices according to your type

  • Phytotherapy: herbal teas, herbal poultices and compresses.

  • Supplementary therapies: Tissue salts, homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Bach Flower Remedies.