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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health focused on the Triad of Health (physical, mental and biochemical aspects of wellbeing). Its foundations lie on the natural healing abilities of the body to fight disease and promote recovery if the ideal support is given. Treatments are therefore, focused on the power of change, in diet and lifestyle. 


Naturopathic treatments involve detoxification programmes,  water (hydrotherapy), stress management & relaxation techniques, herbs, massage and herbal medicated packs.



NYR Covent Garden London Clinic

1st consultation - 90min-£180/ follow up-60min-£85

Bodywise Studio Cambridge Clinic

1st consultation - 90min-£180/ follow up-60min-£85

prices include 30 minutes follow up call and email to support to help you with your treatment plan.