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Would like to know more about Gong Bath and its benefits?

Check our FAQs

What is a Gong Bath?

Energy, Frequencies, Vibrational Medicine & Gong bath - what is the link?

Everything is Energy
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How Pranayama can enhance the effects of a Gong bath?

Gong Bath & Pranayama

What is the link of Shamanic drumming, Schumann Frequency and their benefits to health?

Shamanic Drumming &  Schumann Frequency
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How using light therapy with Gong baths could help with healing and relaxation?

Light Therapy & Gong
Gong bath & Aromatherapy.jpg

How Scent and Sound are connected?

Essential oils & Gong bath


"This was my first time at a gong bath - I had heard of them but didn’t know what to expect. I had done some restorative yoga in the past and the gong bath wasn’t dissimilar in how it affected me.  Angela was very lovely, welcoming but not invasive and clearly able to create space for the sound of the gong to do its work.  I found it both peaceful and calming - allowing me the space and time to declutter mind and body at the end of busy stressful week. I hoped it would help me sleep better and it did. I am looking forward to the next one." 


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