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Kundalini Yoga Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Medicine

"The application of Kundalini Medicine will lead to a life of contentment, compassion and refined consciousness in the Aquarian Age"


Guru Dharam Khalsa BAcC RCHM

Director International School of Kundalini Yoga  iSKY

Guru Dharam created and developed Kundalini Yoga Therapy (KYT)

Kundalini Yoga Therapy


Kundalini Yoga Therapy is an esoteric health system that blends principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga with diagnostic techniques and therapeutic modalities of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.


The treatment uses energetic models and techniques to view, assess, diagnose and treat the 7 chakras, 10 bodies and 14 meridians to promote health, vitality and awareness. 


It may be particularly useful for stress related conditions, psychosomatic disorders, breaking negative patterns, to reduce pain, migraine/headache, and to assist with life transitions.


The treatment combines Kundalini Yoga postures and specific designed yoga asanas, meditations, pranayama, marma/acupressure massage and moxibustion. 


Ayurvedic dosha analysis will support the choice of your Kriya and Yogic nutrition. Yogic understanding of self awareness and application of ancient and effective meditation techniques will support stress release, healing and energy balance.


The ultimate aim of Kundalini Yoga therapy sessions is to  assist one with the challenges we face, with grace, consciousness and a positive response to those challenges, with an ability to use the neutral mind: an action oriented mind instead of a reactive oriented mind. 


Once the body is balanced, the mind is balanced and the energies are balanced healing happens, and we are able to use our full human capacity as we transcend the subconscious habits of the mind and the body, and focusing our energies to progress living a life of fulfilment.

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What to expect from the sessions?

In the first appointment Angela will carry out a consultation to assess and diagnose the symptoms presented. She will prepare a treatment plan that can combine:

-  Kundalini Yoga  asanas and Kriyas specific selected to aid healing processes;

-  Meditation to cleanse the subconscious of mental debris and limiting patterns;

-  Pranayama (breathing techniques) to balance body biochemistry and biorhythms, to aid mental clarity and focus;

-  Marma/acupressure massage and Moxibustion  to balance and stimulate the chakras and meridians inducing and facilitating blood flow and energy (Qi/Prana);

- Yogic nutrition and dietary advices to rebuild and tonify the physical body;

- Household herbs to enrich the bio-system;

- Stress Management through affirmations, sound healing, colour therapy and visualizations to create a neutral mind, helping projection and self-healing.


The treatment plan is personalised and the patient will be encouraged and assisted to work on this until next session, where treatment plan will be revised to check  progress.

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