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Ayurvedic Treatments

Using warm  herbal oil from Kerala-India. It is a rejuvenating and energising massage. It helps muscular tone, improves circulation, reduces joint stiffness and pain. 

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage

An invigorating detox massage using  warm herbal oil that reduces swelling, inflammation and stimulates the immune system.

Ayurvedic hot herbal bolus massage:

It is a therapy combining 15 minutes massage using warm herbal oil followed by a massage using a linen boluses containing various medicinal powders. The entire or a specific part of the body is massaged and there are choices of 3 specific therapeutic effects: rejuvenation, Detoxification and Pain reducing. 

Siro-abhyanga (Indian Head Massage)

A soothing treatment on the head, face, neck and shoulder using herbal oil appropriate to the condition of your hair and scalp. It helps to give relief from numerous stress related complaints such as tense and painful muscles and to nourish your hair. 

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